Triumph TR4 Classic Seat Options

All the classic and retro seats which fit the Triumph TR4 can be found here. Cobra and Corbeau create seats with great styling, support and comfort without compromising the look of your sports car.
We can thank our customers for sending in photos and information about the seats they have bought from us to know that these seats all fit like a glove! Each seat has been tried and tested ensure they fit within the space available.
Our strongly recommendation is the Cobra Roadster SR bucket seat which can be seen in the photo below. When you click into the product you will see more photos of this seat fitted in the vehicle showing just how great a fit they are.
Our manufactures and customers have also provided us with feedback so we can confirm they fit well and are a great way to freshen up the appearance of your sports car. We know that a sports car owner is one of the most passionate drivers on the road today.
We also list 2 different sliding rails here as well. These are not essential, but we offer them just in-case you want a marginal amount of movement from your classic bucket seat.
We stock and display every Cobra and Corbeau historic and classic bucket seat in-store, so feel free to contact us, book and appointment and come and try them out for yourself to see how they fit and feel around your body shape, we can select the right one and ge them ordered to your exact specification and requirements.

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