Corbeau Fitting Equipment

Corbeau provide a range of equipment to help you fit your Corbeau seat whether its for Motorsport, road or even office use. With side mounts, sliding runners, direct fitment frames for various cars and even office seat adaption kits we can help make Corbeau seats the right choice for you.
Corbeau Pro Team alloy side mounts are extremely important when purchasing some Corbeau FIA approved racing seats. These are the vital link between seat and car and are required for Motorsport use.
Corbeau direct fit subframes allow Corbeau road seats and base mounted seats to be fitted into a range of vehicles using the original bolting points. These can be extremely useful for making fitment straight forward and provide that factory fitted look.
Corbeau sliding runners can be used with all Corbeau base mounted racing seats and reclining sport seats. These provide the backwards and forwards movement you may need. Corbeau universal frames work in a similar way but also provide a basic frame when no direct fit frames are available.
Corbeau office seat bases are a fantastic way at turning your Corbeau racing seat into the most stylish office chair available. These are becoming extremely popular and we personally use these in the GSMPerformance office.

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    2 Corbeau 345mm Seat Sliding Runners

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  • Corbeau Office Seat Base

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  • Corbeau Pro-Team Side Mounts

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  • Corbeau Seat Sliding Runners

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