Track Day Seats

These are all the Motorsport seats we recommend for fast road use and track days. We feel these seats provide the required amount of holding capability and support for this type of use and event.

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  • Auto Style Type BS1 Bucket Seat

    £277.20Incl VAT£231.00Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type BS1 Vinyl Bucket Seat

    £234.43Incl VAT£195.36Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type BS6 Bucket Seat

    £294.00Incl VAT£245.00Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type BS7 Bucket Seat

    £246.00Incl VAT£205.00Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type BS8 Bucket Seat

    £277.20Incl VAT£231.00Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type K12 Small Bucket Seat

    £164.98Incl VAT£137.48Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type K12 Wide Bucket Seat

    £189.00Incl VAT£157.50Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Zandvoort Bucket Seat

    From £145.00
  • Auto Style Zandvoort Vinyl Bucket Seat

    £178.19Incl VAT£148.49Excl VAT
  • Cobra Aqua 4×4 Motorsport Bucket Seat

    £539.99Incl VAT£449.99Excl VAT
  • Cobra Evolution RT Bucket Seat

    From £515.83
  • Cobra Evolution RT GT Bucket Seat

    From £557.50