Mazda MX-5 Sport Seat Options

We stock a range of bucket seats, classic seats and retro seats for the Mazda MX-5 First and second generation sport cars.  With the huge success of the Mazda MX-5 still seen today, seat manufacturers luke Corbeau, Cobra and Mamba are providing replacement seat options that allow you to upgrade your seats, add extra style and enjoy the additional support and comfort.
Brands: Corbeau and Cobra create great racing bucket seats and classic style bucket seats for this Mazda sports car. Sparco also have a range of racing seats which can be made to fit.
Fitting: The Cobra Clubman, Mamba Cub and classic seats will all fit within the available cockpit space without any real modifications required. When using the Corbeau Forza, Cobra Monaco, Sparco F104 and any other seat listed you will need to make adjustments, remove plastics and put a little more work in to fitting them as they are very tight with the space in the cabin area.
We highly recommend the Cobra Clubman for MX-5 road cars and the Corbeau Forza for MX-5 racing cars. We must note that the Corbeau Forza, Cobra Monaco and Sparco Speed have only been tried and tested when fitted on the passenger side of the cockpit. Room is more limited on the passenger side so a Clubman will generally work best.
When your car handles this good, you need a supportive seat to match! Gets yours today.

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