Huge Cobra Bucket Seat Delivery Just Landed

Huge Cobra Bucket Seat Delivery Just Landed

At GSM we have just received a huge delivery of over 50 Cobra bucket seats. The delivery included the increasingly popular Cobra Monaco Pro bucket seats in amazing black 3D spacer fabric trims and the Cobra Monaco 40th Edition Bucket Seats in different coloured stitching and trims. We were especially surprised and happy with the way a particular 40th Edition Monaco Pro looked, it has a Tan coloured trim that would work perfectly with a classic car with a retro interior.   

Along with the Cobra Monaco Pro seats, we also received Cobra Nogaro bucket seats that look brilliant. We managed to get the Nogaro Street and Club Sport bucket seats that we have been excited to get our hands on for some time as we haven’t had this model in-store for a while. 

Cobra Seats From Our Delivery...

This Cobra Monaco Pro Bucket seat is cutting edge that features full steel construction with a solid back and base for intrusion protection. Integral head pad and shoulder support along with full FIA approval. The Monaco Pro seat also has a dual fitment specification which allows you to base mount or side mount when installing the seat. This seat is definitely one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The 40th edition of the Cobra Monaco pro brings a retro style to a modern bucket seat, it features classic eyelets, lateral stitching, and Vinyle trim that gives it a polished shine. The retro design doesn’t compromise any safety or support as it uses modern technology and materials that give it full FIA approval. 

A Nogaro Cobra seat will allow you to have an OEM look whilst keeping the weight down in your vehicle. The side and shoulder bolster offer great levels of body support but allow easy entry and exit and the base profile allows the seat to be mounted very low in the car if that is your favored driving position. Designed to be used with a standard lap and diagonal seatbelt without modifications but also features harness slots for a 4 point harness if you venture out onto the track at the weekend. 

  • Finance available

    Cobra Nogaro Club Sport Bucket Seat

    From £499.16
  • UK Handmade
    Finance available

    Cobra Monaco 40th Edition Bucket Seat

    From £345.00
  • Finance available

    Cobra Nogaro Street Bucket Seat

    From £649.17
  • Cobra Monaco Pro FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    From £205.00

Our Cobra Bucket Seat Range

On our online store, we have a large collection of Cobra bucket seats from full FIA seats for drivers who take motorsport more seriously and road and track seats for those who want a bucket seat at a fantastically affordable price. 

Cobra does classic seats so well and really brings back that old styling that many drivers are looking for. We have many to pick from and they all look great inside classic cars with retro cockpits. 

Top Recommended Harnesses

Why not pair up your Cobra seats with a quality harness for maximum safety and stability. Our harness range includes FIA and track belts from 3 point to 6 point harnesses, you will be able to find the harness that appeals to you and is suitable for your needs. 

  • QMS ECE 3-Point Harness Road legal Street Belt

    From £58.54
  • QMS ECE Harness Bolt In Budget 4 Point Road legal street belt

    From £75.00
  • OMP Road 3 Harness

    From £85.00
  • OMP Road 4 Harness

    From £88.72
  • Amazing value
    UK Handmade

    TRS Clubman Bolt In 3 Point Harness Belt

    From £70.00
  • Amazing value
    UK Handmade

    TRS Magnum 4 Point FIA Harness Belt

    From £175.00
  • OMP 801 FIA 4 Point Motorsport Harness

    From £145.16
  • Amazing value
    UK Handmade

    TRS Magnum 6 Point Superlite FIA Harness Belt

    From £245.00
  • Takata Drift III Snap-On Harness

    From £210.00
  • Sparco 6 Point Racer Harness

    From £248.99
  • Finance available

    Schroth Enduro Porsche 996/997 2×2 6 Point Harness Belt

    From £510.29
  • OMP First 3″ Saloon 6 Point Harness Belt

    From £168.89