Do You Need Harnesses For Track Days?

Do you need harnesses for track days?

If you are going to use your car for none FIA homologated track days, seat belts are absolutely acceptable as you don’t need to follow the FIA regulations for normal track days. Frames can be bought with seat belt attachments for those who want after market bucket seats for normal track days. These seat belt attachments allow you to use normal seat belts with better looking bucket seats compared to your original OEM seats.

Drivers who are more serious about racing will have to be equipped with harnesses if you want to participate in serious events that are FIA homologated. without harnesses you wouldn’t be able to participate and this is because harness bring extra support that is compulsory and vital during these events.   

At GSM we give our professional advice and we recommend moving from seat belts to harnesses for any track or fast road use as these harnesses will provide you with more support that will help with concentrating on driving instead of tensing up and trying to hold your self in place from the inevitable moment in your seat. This extra focus on driving will optimise performance on the track, perfect for a serious race driver. 



  • Seat belts are suitable for road and track use.

  • Non – FIA harness belts are suitable for road and track.

  • FIA harness belts must be used for FIA homologated events.

Here's Our Selection Of Road And Track Day Harnesses...

  • 0% pay-in-3
    UK Handmade

    TRS 4 Point Clubman Ultralite Harness Belt – Clip In

    From £125.00
  • 0% pay-in-3

    Takata Drift III Snap-On Harness

    From £206.70
  • 0% pay-in-3

    Takata Drift II Snap-On Harness

    From £181.31
  • 0% pay-in-3
    UK Handmade

    TRS 3 Point Clubman Westfield Harness Belt – Road Legal clip in

    From £72.00
  • 0% pay-in-3

    Sparco 3 point Double Release Safety Harness

    £109.80Incl VAT£91.50Excl VAT
  • 0% pay-in-3

    OMP Road 4 Harness

    £93.54Incl VAT£77.95Excl VAT
  • 0% pay-in-3

    OMP Racing 4M Harness

    £125.22Incl VAT£104.35Excl VAT
  • 0% pay-in-3

    Schroth Rallye ASM 4 point harness belt

    £119.40Incl VAT£99.50Excl VAT
  • 0% pay-in-3

    Luke GMax 4 Point Westfield Harness Belt

    £82.80Incl VAT£69.00Excl VAT
  • 0% pay-in-3
    On sale

    Schroth Rallye ASM 3 point harness belt

    £95.00 £84.50Incl VAT£79.17 £70.42Excl VAT
  • 0% pay-in-3

    Luke GMax 3 Point Saloon Harness Belt

    £78.00Incl VAT£65.00Excl VAT
  • 0% pay-in-3

    Sparco 4 Point bolt in Safety Harness

    £94.68Incl VAT£78.90Excl VAT

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