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Customer Mirco RTS Seats Look Incredible

We have recently had a few pairs of Mirco RTS bucket seats delivered to our showroom ready to be shipped off to our customers immdiately. For the short time they were in our showroom, we were amazed by how good these seats looked and we thought the design choices that our customers made were a perfect representation of what you can do with these seats from their large amount of customisation. From the images below, you can see that you can get the Mirco RTS in a range of different trims and colours, from vinyl to 3D spacer fabric. 

Pre-order Your FIA 2023 Mirco Seat Today

You can now pre-order 2023 FIA Mirco seats, perfect for getting a head start for next years racing season. We have also added a discount when you use the (FIA-2023) discount code that pre-orders any Mirco seat with a brand new 2023 FIA dating as well as 5% off. This works with any FIA bucket seat we have listed on our website. 

The Mirco RTS Bucket Seat Collection

The Mirco RTS Fibreglass Motorsport bucket seat features a comfortable ergonomic design which includes removable lumbar and leg support to help tailor the seat to most individual requirements. This is a narrower and tighter version of the popular Mirco RS2 model but keeps the same great styling and design. We have the full range of Mirco seats at our showroom to try and strongly recommend them due to their high levels of support and comfort. We have hands-on experience with the Mirco RTS bucket seat and have been extremely pleased with its design and level of support for all sizes and shapes of drivers. Since introducing this seat into our showroom display its been a fantastic hit.

Mirco Seats In-Store

We have the Mirco RTS on display at our showroom ready for viewing and testing in 2022. A black Mirco RTS in 3D spacer fabric trim is the exact version we have in-store with many more options available online. 

We personally feel that the style and design that Mirco is able to bring to the market really shows through when sat next to the competition. Mirco seats really do show character and personality. Once fitted you will feel like a true professional.

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Our Speed+ Service Page

This is where you will find products we have available in pairs, ready for immediate dispatch with accurate descriptions stating the specific models we have in-store. 

Our Mirco Seat Range

We bring you the full range of Mirco FIA racing seats including the popular Mirco GT 3D, Mirco GT Olive edition and Mirco GT Classic edition. We have the top end Mirco seat, the RS7, that provide the most support out of the FIA range because of its very large shoulder and head protection structures, perfect for more serious drivers who participate in more demanding and higher level  motorsport events. 

We love how much you can personalise Mirco seats, with every FIA seat you have the choice of different coloured shells, trims, stitching and personal logos and name embroidery. Mirco seats also have many trim material options as well, including 3D Spacer fabric, Vinyl and Velour. 

Our Top TRS Harnesses

TRS provide these FIA harnesses which are available with a range of sizes, shoulder straps, waist straps and adjusters. All these TRS harnesses come with full FIA Approval and come complete with all the eyebolts that you need. They are available in a range of colours and with a variety of end fittings depending on what application you need them for.

With every Mirco FIA seat we have bundled it with a top range TRS 6 point harness that fits these seats perfectly as they have enough harness slots for the correct fitment. We also added the Endurance Motorsport side mounts as another bundle item at the checkout, these side mounts have been tried and tested in store and we know they line up perfectly to the side bolting points on every Mirco FIA seat. This will give you a safe and secure instalment when fitting your seats. 

  • TRS 6 Point HANS Harnesses

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  • TRS 6 Point FIA Approved Harnesses

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  • TRS 6 Point FIA Approved Harnesses

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  • TRS 6 Point HANS Harnesses

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  • TRS 6 Point FIA Approved Harnesses

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  • TRS 6 Point FIA Approved Harnesses

    From £184.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • TRS 4 Point FIA Approved Harnesses

    From £255.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • TRS 4 Point FIA Approved Harnesses

    From £205.00 Excl. VAT Select options

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