New Sparco 2022 Racing Seats!

New Sparco 2022 Racing Seats!

Sparco have released their brand new seats for 2022 and are now available on our online store. These seats include the Sparco Prime, ADV XT and the Sparco Master bucket seat. The new seats include full head protection for more serious drivers and brand new FIA 8855-2021 approvals that last a huge 10 years. For these seats to meet these new homologations, they have been constructed by the latest materials using the best technology that has made these new seats super strong, capable of withstanding much higher impacts compared to older FIA 8855-1999 approved seats which makes these new seats far safer, and one of the safest seats on the market today.

We cant wait to get some of these new Sparco bucket seats into our showroom, we think they look amazing, what do you think?


  • Finance available

    Sparco ADV XT Fibreglass Seat

    £1,153.14Incl VAT£960.95Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    Sparco Master FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    £1,260.00Incl VAT£1,050.00Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    Sparco ADV Prime Carbon FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    £5,682.00Incl VAT£4,735.00Excl VAT

New Sparco Fitting Equipment...

These three new Sparco Seats come with their own side mounts that have all been specifically made to directly fit to the sides of the bucket seats. With this new Sparco update we have bundled these side mounts to the correct seats at the checkout to easily allow you to purchase the full package you need to install these seats safe and securely. 

These side mounts share the same FIA approval as the seats, however they are only FIA approved when used with the correct seat its been specifically made for.  

  • Sparco Side Mounts For ADV XT Fibreglass Seat

    £260.40Incl VAT£217.00Excl VAT
  • Sparco Side Mount For ADV Prime Seat

    £260.40Incl VAT£217.00Excl VAT
  • Sparco Side Mounts For Master Seat

    £260.76Incl VAT£217.30Excl VAT

What else is new For Sparco 2022?

For 2022 Sparco have also made improvements to their existing bucket seat range. All our Sparco Evo QRT seats and the Sparco Rev seat now feature a new 2022 feature, an integrated lumbar support for even more comfort and support in the kidney areas. 

A Brand new addition to the Sparco Evo range is now available called the Sparco Evo QRT X. This is a waterproof version of the Sparco Evo, Evo L and the Evo XL fibreglass seats. These new versions for 2022 have a fully waterproof cover with non slip material in strategic areas to reduce body movement for better comfort and support. Designed specially for a free driving position, even in extreme competition conditions. The special shape of the shell has given increased rigidity for excellent driving sensibility while keeping the weight extremely low.

  • Finance available

    Sparco Evo QRT X Waterproof Fibreglass Seat

    From £470.68
  • Finance available

    Sparco Evo QRT Sky FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    £566.40Incl VAT£472.00Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    Sparco Rev QRT FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    £366.00Incl VAT£305.00Excl VAT
  • Top 10 product
    Finance available

    Sparco Evo QRT FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    £522.00Incl VAT£435.00Excl VAT

Our Top Sparco Harnesses...

Our harness range includes FIA and track belts from 4 point to 6 point harnesses, you will be able to find the harness that appeals to you and is suitable for your needs. We have bundled a top range Sparco 6 point harness at the checkout with every new 2022 bucket seat. 

  • Sparco 6 Point Single Seater FHR Harness

    From £180.00
  • Sparco 4 Point Club Racer Harness

    From £172.00
  • Sparco Endurance 6 Point FHR Harness

    From £155.00
  • Sparco Martini Racing 6 Point FIA HANS Harness

    From £181.33
  • Sparco 6 Point Racer Harness

    From £248.99
  • Finance available

    Sparco Pro Endurance 6 Point FHR Harness

    From £275.95
  • Sparco Pro Racer 6 Point Steel FHR Harness

    From £229.00
  • Finance available

    Sparco Pro Racer 6 Point Alloy FHR Harness

    From £285.61