Sparco Fitting Equipment

Sparco produce a range of side mount brackets, sliding runners and fitting equipment depending on the use of your racing seat or sports seat. We have a range of car specific direct fitment brackets available for their sport seats and side mount plates for their Motorsport seats.
We also have a range of Sparco sliding runners for those wanting to custom fit their seats to a variety of applications from classic cars, gaming rigs and even marine use. For those wanting that luxury sports car feel in your office we also have the office base systems available which can work with all Sparco sport seats (Non-FIA)

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    Sparco Alloy Side Mounts

    £146.32Incl VAT£121.93Excl VAT
  • Sparco Eye Bolt and Plate Set

    £5.26Incl VAT£4.38Excl VAT
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    Sparco FIA Steel Side Mount Brackets

    £84.00Incl VAT£70.00Excl VAT
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    Sparco Office Seat Base

    £114.00Incl VAT£95.00Excl VAT
  • Sparco Seat Sliding Runner Kit

    £35.00Incl VAT£29.17Excl VAT
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    Sparco Three Piece Steel Seat Mounts

    £110.09Incl VAT£91.74Excl VAT