The Sparco R100 Sport Seat Lineup

The Sparco R100 Sport Seat Lineup

The Sparco R100 sport seat is lightweight, compact, and is suitable for most cars. It has been built for comfort and support but its lower side bolsters and slightly narrower steel frame allow it to fit into vehicles where fitting seats with larger side bolsters may be difficult. The seat features backrest harness slots so that it can be used with a race-type harness or normal seatbelt, a high-quality recline mechanism for smooth and easy adjustment, and contrasting trim in a choice of colours.

The Sparco R100 Reclining sport seat is a stunning example of a stylish and practical seat along with comfortable and well developed to provide you with the very best in sport seat design. These are a 2009 design that Sparco was proud to reveal and we think is a timeless classic. We have many different variants of the Sparco R100 reclining sport seat such as a limited edition Martini trim seat as well as Vinyl and an office seat conversion. 

All these seats are available on our online store. We have the Sparco R100, in the standard black trim, in-store on display ready for viewing and testing in 2022. It’s ready for immediate dispatch or collection from our showroom.

  • Finance available

    Sparco R100 Martini Racing Reclining Sport Seat

    £378.00Incl VAT£315.00Excl VAT
  • On sale
    Finance available

    Sparco R100 Vinyl Reclining Sport Seat

    From £233.50
  • Finance available

    Sparco R100 Reclining Sport Seat

    From £262.28

Sparco R100 Office Chair Conversion

The Sparco R100 Sports seat is also available as an office chair. We have three different versions of the office chair to choose from. 

The Sparco Fast & Furious Icon Gaming Chair is named after the film and has put the Logo of the film franchise onto the Sparco seat that fits the R100 design perfectly. 

Sparco has used the Vinyl R100 reclining sports seat and added an office base and armrests to create a comfortable chair that is perfect for gaming and is now called the Sparco Icon Gaming chair. 

  • Finance available

    Sparco Fast & Furious Icon Gaming Chair

    £324.00Incl VAT£270.00Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    Sparco Icon Gaming Chair

    From £260.00
  • Finance available

    Sparco R100 Racing Office Sports Seat

    From £290.00

New Sparco 2022 Seats

We have new Sparco products online that may interest you. We have new 2022 racing seats and frames, as well as newly updated existing products.  We cant wait to get some of these new Sparco bucket seats into our showroom, we think they look amazing, what do you think?

  • Finance available

    Sparco ADV XT Fibreglass Seat

    £1,153.14Incl VAT£960.95Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    Sparco Master FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    £1,260.00Incl VAT£1,050.00Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    Sparco ADV Prime Carbon FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    £5,682.00Incl VAT£4,735.00Excl VAT

Recommended Sparco Harnesses...

The Sparco R100 sport seat range is able to fit harnesses with their two harness slots. At GSM we recommend only using harnesses up to a 4 point belt as reclining seats don’t feature enough harness slots to secure a 6 point harness safely. 

  • Sparco 3 Point Double Release Martini Racing Harness

    From £95.00
  • Sparco 4 Point Club Racer Harness

    From £172.00
  • Sparco 3 point Double Release Safety Harness

    From £82.00
  • Sparco 4 Point Clip In Safety Harness

    From £99.95
  • Sparco 4 Point bolt in Safety Harness

    From £81.00
  • Sparco 3 point bolt in Driver Harness

    From £78.82