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Customer Ford Focus Arrives For Bucket Seats

A recent customer arrived at our showroom in a stunning Ford Focus with the iconic Marlboro livery. Our customer visited our store for some new fixed-back bucket seats and we couldn’t help but notice their stunning Ford Focus RS build that features a Safety Devices roll cage, carbon fibre detailing, and the famous Marlboro livery all over the car. This customer needed some new bucket seats to replace their factory Ford Focus RS seats for more support to improve driver performance, book an appointment on our website to view and test our large seat display allowing you to find the perfect seat for you and your car. 

Our Ford Focus MK2 Vehicle Guide

With the start of a second-generation Focus, Fords hatchback matured into a car with less divisive styling and more into a car with conventional interior and greater space, this model was released in 2004 – 2010. Once you start using your Ford Focus MK2 for fast road and track use, you’ll soon realize just how much you need new bucket seats to provide more support. 

Ford Focus MK2

Bucket seat guide

On cornering, you may find your self holding onto the steering wheel tighter than usual, tensing your thighs and legs against the central console and/or door card. You’ll probably find your weight shifting in the seat and having to re-position yourself after the corner.

Recommended Bucket Seat Fitting Equipment

This is a collection of frames we have available that are designed to specifically fit into the Ford Focus Mk2 by directly fitting to the factory floor bolt points of the vehicle. We recommend these pieces of installation equipment to successfully install bucket seats into your Ford Focus Mk2. 

  • Planted Technology

    From £185.50 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Recaro Car Specific Fitting Frames

    £281.88 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Recaro Car Specific Fitting Frames

    £269.26 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Sparco Car Specific Fitting Frames

    From £89.50 Excl. VAT Select options

At GSM Performance we have made hundreds of vehicle guides from common demand by customers who contact us over the phone or email. You can view these guides by clicking on our vehicle selector button at the top of our main website page, find your car today. We create these vehicle guides to show customers what fitting equipment is available for specific vehicles such as base frames, side mounts and sliding runner kits. Then we recommend both fixed back and reclining seats we know fit the equipment and the car from past experiences. 

Please contact us if you can’t find an existing guide for your vehicle, we can try our best to put a new guide together for you.

Click the images below to view our highly requested vehicle guides

Installing Our Recommended Seats

We show the different ways of installing the seats we recommend in our guides depending on if there are multiple brackets available for that car. We state if any brackets on the guide are only suited to a small range of seats to make sure you get both a frame and seat that are compatible for your car.  Installation varies on what type of seat you have, so we have explained the process of installing both reclining and fixed back bucket seats on every guide. 

Will you fit the seat?

Provide us with your height and waist measurements and we'll be happy to talk through which recommended seats are right for your body shape.

Looking For Comfortable Seat Alternatives?

We include specialist advice for different types of vehicles so that you get the correct seat for what your vehicle is being used for. For cars like the Land Rovers and Jeeps, we only recommend installing reclining sports seats as they won’t be used for fast road and track events, we know drivers are looking for more comfortable alternatives and not racing seats.  

The Jeep Wrangler JK 4 (2007+)...

The Jeep Wrangler TJ (96-98)...

Land Rover Defender (83-2016)

Nissan patrol (up to 1997)

Some Of Our Most Popular Vehicle Guides...

These are some of our most common customer cars we get in-store and online which is why we have made these vehicle guides to show more clearly what is available on the market and how to install the seats you want. We have recommended seats for both road use and top-end racing seats that are suitable for track events as we know all these vehicles are commonly used during track days and FIA homologated events. 

Mini R53-56

Bucket seat guide

Nissan 350z

Bucket seat guide


Bucket seat guide

Mazda RX8

Bucket seat guide

Peugeot 205

Bucket seat guide

Honda Civic EP3

Bucket seat guide

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