Nissan 350Z Bucket Seat Guide

We welcomed ‘Road & Race’ to our showroom for an appointment.
The resulting video and information on bucket seat fitting was invaluable!

With the dimensions and specifications gleamed from our customers OMP seat installation, we recommend the following 4 seats. Each seat will clear your interior trim panels and provide a fantastic driving position.

  • Finance available

    Sparco QRT-R Fibreglass FIA Bucket Seat

    £634.80Incl VAT£529.00Excl VAT
  • Finance available
    250+ colours
    0% pay-in-3

    Mirco GT 3D Fabric FIA Motorsport Seat

    From £225.00
  • Finance available

    OMP ARS Fibreglass FIA Motorsport Seat

    £437.76Incl VAT£364.80Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    Sabelt GT3 FIA Motorsport Seat

    £349.99Incl VAT£291.66Excl VAT

Sparco QRT-R Bucket Seat

Optimal Driver Height: 5ft 11″
Optimal Driver Waist: 32-34″
Benefits: Ultra light weight shell.

Mirco GT 3D Bucket Seat

Optimal Driver Height: 5ft 11″-6ft 2″
Optimal Driver Waist: 32-34″
Benefits: 250 colour options.

OMP ARS Bucket Seat

Optimal Driver Height: 5ft 9″ – 5ft 11″.
Optimal Driver Waist: 32-34″
Benefits: Airnet breathable material.

Sabelt GT3 Bucket Seat

Optimal Driver Height: 5ft 9″ – 6ft 1″.
Optimal Driver Waist: 34-36″
Benefits: Taller backrest and larger harness slots.

Recommended fitting kit:

M2 side mount brackets:

The M2 Motorsport direct vehicle installation brackets are perfect for fitting almost any side mounted Motorsport seat. These rails integrate the seat sliders and side mounts into 1 unit which fits the vehicles original bolt points. 
This makes fitment simple and straight forward. It also allows you to get a fantastic driving position without compromising how how you sit in the vehicle. We love these brackets and these are our number one recommendation for your Nissan 350Z.

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