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Should you use weld in seat brackets?

If you are looking to install new Motorsport bucket seats, you’ll be needing to make a decision as  to which seat brackets to use to fit them. The main 3 options are: 

1. Bolt the seat down to the floor plan directly with the side mounts (A reinforced floor is usually required) 

2. Bolt the side mounts onto some weld in bars. 

3.  Use a vehicle-specific fixing bracket from a brand like OMP or Sparco.

So which fixing bracket should you use, and why?  


Competiton prepartion:

Making your choice will depend on your driving position, seat placement, space available, how many drivers will be using the vehicle, and the intended vehicle. So there are a fair few variables to consider. If you are preparing your vehicle for full Motorsport use, we would recommend getting the seat positioned in the vehicle and work out what space you have available under the seat for fixing.

Where possible we would recommend welding in some bars so you can position the feet for the side mounts exactly where you want them.

If you have a second driver you can simply move the side mounts along the welded in bars to reposition your seat.

This option is suitable for FIA Motorsport events.

Our Weld-In seat brackets...

  • Endurance Motorsport Fitting Equipment

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  • OMP Fitting Equipment & Side Mounts

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Road and track cars:

When preparing a car for general road and track use. We would recommend going with a vehicle installation bracket from a brand like OMP or Planted Technology. These companies produce specific fixings which use the original bolt holes in the vehicle.

This means you do not have to modify your car to fit the new seats. You can also then use a seat sliding runner to allow them to move backward and forwards. This is a much easier way of adjusting the seat for various size drivers

Each brand we work with has a wide range of vehicle-specific brackets. Each bracket will work with a different combination of seats. For more information about this contact us today.

This option is suitable for road and track use but not for FIA competitions.

Direct vehicle seat brackets...

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