OMP Fitting Equipment & Side Mounts

The OMP high profile steel seat side mounts are made from 3mm powder coated steel and offer a huge range of adjustment to allow you to position your seats exactly where you want them, thanks to the multi hole design.


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  • OMP Adaptor Brackets

    £76.80Incl VAT£64.00Excl VAT
  • OMP Alloy Side Mounts (High Profile 495mm)

    £153.60Incl VAT£128.00Excl VAT
  • OMP Alloy Side Mounts (Low Profile 400mm)

    £135.60Incl VAT£113.00Excl VAT
  • OMP Base Mount Conversion Brackets

    £66.83Incl VAT£55.69Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    OMP Damped Alloy Side Mounts

    £336.00Incl VAT£280.00Excl VAT
  • OMP High Profile Steel Side Mounts

    £74.40Incl VAT£62.00Excl VAT
  • OMP High Profile XL Steel Side Mounts

    £113.40Incl VAT£94.50Excl VAT
  • OMP Low Profile Steel Side Mounts

    £55.20Incl VAT£46.00Excl VAT
  • OMP Racing Bucket Seat Display Base Stand

    £90.00Incl VAT£75.00Excl VAT
  • OMP Racing Steel Side Mounts – Tall 400mm Long

    £85.46Incl VAT£71.22Excl VAT
  • OMP Seat Slider And Runner Kit

    £49.20Incl VAT£41.00Excl VAT
  • OMP Universal Base Mounts

    £114.00Incl VAT£95.00Excl VAT