Corbeau FIA Racing Bucket Seats

 Corbeau bucket seats are known worldwide. With a definitive range of Corbeau Motorsport FIA bucket seats available in fibreglass, kevlar and carbon, they can satisfy even the most demanding racing drivers needs. Their range of classic styled bucket seats also help to complete the complete opposite end of the scale.
Corbeau racing bucket seats are fixed back seats built for support and safety. These do not have any reclining function or tilting movement which helps to reduce any week areas in the structure and frame of the seat. They are made to be fixed in place using side mounts and are required for most forms of Motorsport. 
Corbeau Motorsport seats are also IN STOCK. All Corbeau Motorsport shell seats are available for same week delivery from the Corbeau Pro Series and Sprint right through to the Corbeau Revenge. To provide even more information about the confidence we have about Corbeau seats have have written this article which can be found here: Corbeau Motorsport seats recommended
We also carry the full range of Corbeau fitting equipment and sub-frames along with Corbeau LUKE branded harnesses. We feel that we can provide the full package that you require for any form of Motorsport.

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