Endurance Motorsport 2022 Seats Arrive

Endurance Motorsport 2022 Seats Arrive

At GSM we are excited to see the first 2 pallets of 2022 Endurance Motorsport bucket seats come into our showroom. As the Endurance motorsport deliveries have started to arrive, we cant wait to see more new 2022 seats and designs from Endurance Motortpsort. We have two pairs of Club Sport Endurance Motorsport bucket seats in black and red which look amazing and we cant wait to see them back out and fitted in our customer cars.

The Club Sport seats as well as a pair of black Alpha Endurance Motorsport seats are available for immediate dispatch or collection from our showroom. 

Endurance Motorsport Seats From Our Delivery...

We love these and their styling, we can’t wait to see these in a customer’s car. With a variety of different trim options and materials – they’ve really covered every aspect of what we want in a car seat. These are fairly generously sized seats, with a wide base and supportive upper body section.

The Alpha bucket seat comes with wrap-around head support and high-sided leg bolsters offering amazing support and hold. These Endurance Motorsport Alpha seats are the perfect choice to give you that Motorsport styling or track day upgrade without breaking the bank.

  • On sale
    Finance available

    Endurance Motorsport Alpha Bucket Seat

    From £250.00
  • Finance available

    Endurance Motorsport Pro Sport Bucket Seat

    From £242.10
  • On sale
    Finance available

    Endurance Motorsport Club Sport Bucket Seat

    From £209.79

Our Entire Endurance Motorsport Seat Range

In this category, you can find a range of bucket seats from Endurance Motorsport.

Top Recommended Harnesses

Why not pair up your Endurance Motorsport seats with some of our top harnesses for maximum safety and stability. Our harness range includes FIA and track belts from 3 point to 6 point harnesses, you will be able to find the harness that appeals to you and is suitable for your needs. 

  • QMS ECE 3-Point Harness Road legal Street Belt

    From £58.54
  • QMS ECE Harness Bolt In Budget 4 Point Road legal street belt

    From £75.00
  • OMP Road 3 Harness

    From £85.00
  • OMP Road 4 Harness

    From £88.72
  • Amazing value
    UK Handmade

    TRS Clubman Bolt In 3 Point Harness Belt

    From £70.00
  • Amazing value
    UK Handmade

    TRS Magnum 4 Point FIA Harness Belt

    From £175.00
  • OMP 801 FIA 4 Point Motorsport Harness

    From £145.16
  • Amazing value
    UK Handmade

    TRS Magnum 6 Point Superlite FIA Harness Belt

    From £245.00
  • Takata Drift III Snap-On Harness

    From £210.00
  • Sparco 6 Point Racer Harness

    From £248.99
  • Finance available

    Schroth Enduro Porsche 996/997 2×2 6 Point Harness Belt

    From £510.29
  • OMP First 3″ Saloon 6 Point Harness Belt

    From £168.89

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