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Customer Car With Takata Seats And Harnesses

We supplied our customer with a pair of Takata Race LE Competition bucket seats which perfectly fit the car and driver keeping them securely in place. We also supplied them with Takata Race 4 point 3×2 harnesses which is a key component combined with the seat to receive maximum support and safety. All this equipment is FIA approved which makes the customers car perfect for track days and allows the customer to participate in FIA homologated events if they wish to do so. The combination of the Takata seats and matching harness belts look incredible in our customer car’s interior, a great choice of motorsport equipment, what an incredible project.

The customer has received some impressive harnesses that work perfectly with the Takata seats as they have the correct amount of harness slots for the 4-point Takata harnesses. These belts also work great with roll bars. 

Our Customer Car Takata Seat Set Up

Our customer went for a combination of matching Takata seats and harness belts. The Takata seats are the Race LE Competition Bucket Seat, which is an incredibly safe, deep-sided, and extremely rigid seat that still allows freedom of movement for all disciplines. The black Spacer Fabric, stitched in subtle TAKATA Green, keeps you cool. High-backed, fully HANS compatible with increased kidney protection, but relieved below the shoulders for lateral arm movement, this seat allows you to really get over the wheel and take control without any compromise on what is known as one of the most comfortable seats in the industry.

The Takata RACE 4 is the benchmark harness for Track Day/Drift/Show cars. This true racing harness comes with FIA approval and the exclusive TAKATA aluminum multi-point release cam-lock buckle. Additional features include asmTM system to prevent submarining, 3″ shoulder belts, and 2″ lap belts with Pull-up adjusters.

  • Takata Race Series Harnesses

    From £340.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Takata Seats

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Takata Seats At Our Showroom

We have a pair of Takata Street Pro LE reclining sport seats on display at our showroom ready for viewing and testing in-store. These seats are part of our speed+ service and can be found on our fast dispatch page where all the seat pairs that we have in-store can be found. The price is for a pair of Takata Street Pro LE Reclining Sport Seats. These are in stock and available in-store for immediate collection or dispatch.

  • Takata Seats

    £620.00 Excl. VAT Add to basket
  • , ,

    £983.34 Excl. VAT Read more

Our Full Takata Seat Collection...

Takata racing seats and bucket seats provide you with the highest level of craftsmanship available for both road-going and track-bound vehicles. These competition seats and reclining sports seats bring the highest levels of safety available while looking great and fitting most drivers. We have a wider version of the Takata Race LE Competition bucket seat that our customer used, suitable for bigger drivers. 

  • Takata Seats

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  • Takata Seats

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  • Takata Seats

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  • Takata Seats

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Our Top Takata Harnesses...

Takata RACE belts are manufactured by Takata Racing in Germany to the latest FIA standards. These 6-point belts feature 2-inch lap belts, and either 3-inch shoulder belts or 3-inch to 2-inch HANS-specific shoulder belts. The sub-strap uses Takata’s compact T-Bar sub-strap. Both snap-on and bolt-on options are offered for mounting. Versions of the RACE 6 belts with 3-inch lap belts are also available with SFI certification.

  • Takata Race Series Harnesses

    From £256.50 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Takata Race Series Harnesses

    From £340.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Takata Race Series Harnesses

    From £370.00 Excl. VAT Select options
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