BMW Planted Technology Frames Are Now Available.

BMW Planted Technology Bucket Seat Frames Are Now Available

We are proud to announce our new seat bracket frames from Planted Technology are now available for a wide range of BMW models.

We recommend Planted Technology vehicle fitting frames for their incredible capability to work with almost every brand on the market. From Corbeau and Cobra, through to Sparco, and OMP. Planted Technology seat brackets have the bolt hole fixing points for every variation of brand and seat. This allows us to recommend them with different side mounts and sliding runners to fit almost any seat on our website. We know these fit with confidence. We consider Planted Technology to be market leaders in seat bracket technology.

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Our BMW models available with planted technology brackets, start from the BMW 1 series up to the 6 series. Multiple chassis models within each series BMW are available with Planted Technology brackets to meet the needs for a wide range of BMW owners. Other models like the Z4 / Z3 and the X1 are also available with plated technology brackets.  

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