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The Sabelt 2022 Harness Collection

We have recently updated our  Sabelt Harness range, this includes both track day and FIA approved racing harnesses. They now have updated prices, information and new images from this years 2022 data. We now have a more efficient checkout process with Sabelt harnesses that allows you to purchase bundle items that we think are suitable for the specific harness. Some of these bundle items include Harness belt web cutters and Sabelt harness pads that have the correct fitment to the harness they have been bundle with. All these items will appear at the checkout allowing you to purchase them all together at the same time. 

New Sabelt 2022 Releases.

Sabelt have released the brand new harness for 2022 called the Sabelt Ultralight Super Formula 6 point harness which features Sabelts new compact buckle and the latest FIA 8853-2016 approval. This has been designed for single seater and formula cars where weight saving is more serious and important without compromising safety. It uses titanium and aluminium for its harness fittings and quick adjusters for optimal weight reduction. It features 2″ wide harness straps to allow a HANS (head and neck support device) to fit perfectly around the harness for added comfort and safety. You can find this new harness under our Sabelt Single Seater harness Category.

Our FIA Sabelt Harnesses

Sabelt 6 point FIA racing harnesses are made in Italy to the highest levels of quality. The latest generation of Sabelt harnesses are the result of Sabelt development activities working along side F1 and Rally WRC pilots. 

Our Top Sabelt Harnesses...

Sabelt have been putting quality first for over thirty years. A winning philosophy has resulted in excellence and given life to products that have always been synonymous with high performance and maximum safety.

  • Sabelt Caterham / Westfield Harnesses

    From £260.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Sabelt Single Seater Harnesses

    From £1,900.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Sabelt Single Seater Harnesses

    From £248.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Sabelt Caterham / Westfield Harnesses

    From £165.00 Excl. VAT Select options
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