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Installing Cobra Monaco Pro Using Original Brackets: Lexus IS200

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we dive into the practical world of car modifications. Today, we’re focusing on a project that many car enthusiasts might consider at some point: installing a bucket seat into a car, specifically a Lexus IS200, using the original seat brackets. This isn’t just about making your car look cooler; it’s about improving your driving experience with a seat that offers better support and control. And if you’re on the lookout for a quality bucket seat, we’ve got you covered at

The Step-by-Step Journey

The project starts with an ambitious goal: to fit a new bucket seat into the Lexus IS200 without buying new fitting equipment. Using a seat donated by a friend, the challenge was to make it work with the car’s original brackets.

The Process...

First off, the original seat had to go, revealing the complexity of electric wires and plastic covers underneath. After some effort, the seat was out, exposing the electric rails that needed to be adapted to fit the new seat. With some modifications, including a bit of grinding, the seat was made to fit onto the original rails.

The Benefits of Using Original Brackets

  • Cost Savings: Using the original brackets means you don’t have to shell out extra cash for new fittings.

  • Customization: Adapting the original setup allows for a more personalized installation, ensuring the seat fits just right.

  • Keeping Electric Adjustments: By using the original rails, you get to keep the handy electric adjustment features of the seat.

The Downsides

  • Time and Effort: It’s not a quick job. You’ll need to dedicate time and effort to modify and fit everything correctly.

  • Technical Hurdles: If you’re not handy with tools or lack experience, this project might be a bit challenging.

  • Safety Concerns: There’s always a risk that a DIY job might not be as secure as a professional installation, which could have safety implications.

The Outcome

Despite the potential pitfalls, the installation was successful. The new bucket seat fits securely using the original brackets, significantly enhancing the driving experience. The driver now enjoys better support during drives, making for a more enjoyable and controlled ride.

Wrapping Up: Is DIY Worth Considering

This project highlights what’s at the heart of DIY car modifications: the satisfaction of overcoming challenges to make your car better suit your needs. While there are certainly easier projects to start with, installing a bucket seat using original brackets in a Lexus IS200 is doable and rewarding.

Our Cobra Monaco Bucket Seat Range

If you’re inspired to try this out for yourself, remember to check out our selection of Cobra Monaco Pro seats for the perfect bucket seat for your project. With the right preparation and a bit of patience, you can significantly improve your driving experience.

 Happy modding, and enjoy the drive!

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