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Corbeau Revolution Driver fit guide

From our Corbeau range the Revolution bucket seat is very popular for full FIA motorsport events and more casual track day events. This popularity lead to us making this Driver fit guide to show a real representation on how the seat is meant to look and fit for every driver.

Our driver at 5ft 7″ and a 32″ waist, fits this seat perfectly at the shoulders as they are positioned just below the harness slots to allow a harness belt to easily travel through. The hips fit nice and snug at the bottom of the seat with not too much room for sliding side to side from lateral forces but just enough space to be comfortable. There is  plenty of room for the helmet as well, therefore enough area for movement of the helmet in-between the head protection. 

We’d go with the XL version of the Corbeau Revolution if you have a 36″ or above waist. We have both the standard and XL Corbeau Revolution in stock for immediate dispatch or collection from our showroom!

The Corbeau Revolution...

The Corbeau Revolution X. The continued popularity of this full peripheral vision head protection style seat has proved hard to improve upon for Corbeau. They have updated the seat with subtle details changes and re-homologation to breed new life into this iconic seat.

As part of re-homologating the Revolution X they introduced 10mm inserts in the seat to allow use of M10 12.9 high tensile cap head bolts. This improves the overall safety of this seat at the mounting points.

Overall seat safety has also been improved by a new composite lay up in high stress areas increasing stiffness, improved energy absorbing impact foam and the retention of the HANS zone ensuring full functionality, comfort and safe use of FHR devices.

Our Corbeau Revolution Range...

We have three types of the Corbeau Revolution bucket seat, the System 1,2 and 3. The differences between these three types are the materials used for the back shells of the seats, system one seats have Fibreglass shells, system two seats have Kevlar shells and system three seats have Carbon Fibre shells. This is for drivers who want to reduce weight and increase strength in their seats, mostly used for serious motorsport events. 

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Our top Corbeau Racing Seats...

Our Corbeau range is very customisable with many colour options and trims to chose from. You can change the shell at the back of the seat to a range of materials from fibreglass to light weight carbon fibre with the added option of adding a colour of your chose to the shell as well. 

Corbeau are a UK based seat manufacturer and their seats are known worldwide. With a definitive range of Corbeau Motorsport FIA bucket seats available in fibreglass, kevlar and carbon, they can satisfy even the most demanding racing drivers needs. Their range of classic styled bucket seats also help to complete the opposite end of the scale. Corbeau racing bucket seats are fixed back seats built for support and safety, they do not have any reclining function or tilting movement which helps to reduce any week areas in the structure and frame of the seat. They are made to be fixed in place using side mounts and are required for most forms of Motorsport.

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