Blue OMP Seat Vs Red Sparco Sprint Vs Monaco Pro.

Blue OMP Seat Vs Red Sparco Sprint Vs Monaco Pro.

We have three of our best steel frame FIA bucket seats on our display ready for immediate dispatch or collection from our showroom. All three are available in blue, red, and black however here are some good examples that we have in-store at the moment ready for viewing and testing in 2022. We have the Sparco Sprint in a red velour trim as well as the OMP TRS-E in a blue velour trim that stands out and looks amazing. We have the more subtle Cobra Monaco Pro in a black spacer fabric for added comfort. More colour and trim options are available on our website.  

We’re extremely impressed with the look that you get with these trim options.
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The Cobra Monaco Pro

This Cobra Monaco Pro Bucket seat is one of Cobra’s latest designs and is in-store for viewing in a black spacer fabric trim. These cutting-edge bucket seats feature full steel construction with a solid back and base for intrusion protection. Integral head pad and shoulder support along with full FIA approval. The Monaco seat also sports a dual fitment specification which allows you to use it as base mounted or side mounted for flexibility. This seat is definitely one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The Sparco Sprint

We have two Sparco Sprints in-store, one in a red velour trim and the other in a black velour trim. The Sparco Sprint FIA Motorsport bucket seat is the best-selling seat in Europe and is also known as the Sparco Sprint 5. An evolution of the junior seat to FIA standard, with steel tubular frame and Pirelli cushion support. The amazing price of this seat doubled with its great style, brand name, and market position makes this a seat worth considering when buying entry-level bucket seats. These competition seats offer excellent value for money. Tubular steel frame with crutch harness slot and side-mounted facilities. These seats are strong, versatile, and well suited to competition or road use.


The TRS-E seat from OMP is an excellent entry-level competition seat. Constructed from a tubular steel frame and trimmed in a hard-wearing velour fabric or synthetic leather. The seat also features removable leg cushions, 5 harness slots, and is side or base mounted.

Our Top Steel Frame Bucket Seats

Our definitive list of steel frame bucket seats. We stock all major brands from Cobra to Sparco. Available online and in-store.

  • UK Handmade
    Finance available

    Cobra Clubman 40th Edition Bucket Seat

    From £335.00
  • OMP TRS-X Steel Frame Bucket Seat

    From £218.50
  • UK Handmade
    Finance available

    Cobra Monaco 40th Edition Bucket Seat

    From £345.00
  • OMP TRS-E Velour FIA Motorsport Seat

    From £191.65
  • Amazing value

    Auto Style Type K12 Small Bucket Seat

    £164.98Incl VAT£137.48Excl VAT
  • Amazing value

    Auto Style Type K5 Bucket Seat

    From £154.50
  • Cobra Monaco Pro FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    From £205.00
  • Sparco Sprint FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    From £188.60

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