Auto Style Type AK Reclining Sport Seat Showcase

The Auto Style AK Reclining Sport Seat!

The brand new Auto Style AK reclining sport seat has arrived and it truly looks amazing and is great value for the amount of quality and support this seat has. At our showroom we have a yellow stitching addition of the Auto Style AK reclining seat which is available for immediate dispatch or collection. 

We think these seats look stunning, what do you think?

Auto Style AK Custom Stitching...

The design on this seat consists of diamond stitching that is very eye catching and is the main look of this seat. You have a few options to chose from with this seat as you can have it in black, red, yellow and silver stitching. The high quality black vinyl material works well with all the stitching colour options and will really transform this seat and your vehicles interior.   

Black Vinyl with Red Stitching 

Black Vinyl with Yellow Stitching

Black Vinyl with Silver Stitching 

Our Top Auto Style Reclining Range...

This is the newest seat from Auto Style, re-design based on the ever so popular Type RS6! Auto Style just keeps on bringing out fantastic seats and this Type AK is just fantastic for price and comfort. Released in August 2021, this seat offers a unique trim and amazing comfort. The product design and the attention to detail show that Auto Style seats show the way forward at providing affordable style car seats.

  • Auto Style Type DS Reclining Seat

    £247.32Incl VAT£206.10Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type MR Reclining Seat

    From £224.10
  • Finance available

    Auto Style Type AK Reclining Seat

    From £275.00
  • Auto Style Type RK Reclining Seat

    From £245.00
  • Auto Style Type MS Reclining Seat

    From £224.10
  • Auto Style Type JW Reclining Seat

    £279.72Incl VAT£233.10Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    Auto Style Type BS5 Reclining Seat

    £354.00Incl VAT£295.00Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type Pro Luxury Reclining Seat

    £290.40Incl VAT£242.00Excl VAT

Our Top Auto Style Bucket Seat Range...

We have found that since the introduction of Auto Style seats they have been extremely popular and with certain models, we can also including free sliding runners making them even more attractive over the competition. The Auto Style bucket seats sport a strong leg support design on most models to make sure that you are held and supported in place on hard cornering.

  • Amazing value

    Auto Style Type K12 Small Bucket Seat

    £164.98Incl VAT£137.48Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type BS6 Bucket Seat

    £294.00Incl VAT£245.00Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type BS1 Bucket Seat

    £277.20Incl VAT£231.00Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type BS8 Bucket Seat

    £277.20Incl VAT£231.00Excl VAT