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Takata Brand Guide

Takata was established in Japan since the mid-1960’s creating seat belts and harnesses for racing cars and road cars alike. 

Top 2 FIA Harnesses

The Takata Race 2×2 FIA harness is an excellent belt for drivers looking for optimum safety and comfort. All the straps on this harness are 2 inches wide allowing them to sit nicely on your shoulders and lap without any discomfort will still offering great safety. This harness is made from strong materials that wont fail during the most extreme driving situations. This harness has 6 points of connection to the seat and vehicle which maximises safety and holds the driver in place with extra thigh straps to avoid any chance of the driver sliding underneath the harness.   

As well as the 2×2 harness, we also recommend the 3×2 Takata harness as its for drivers who are looking for the same amount of safety but with wider shoulder straps for added comfort and stability. The straps are long enough to reach harness bars and can easily wrap round and have  secure fitment to a harness bar. 

Top 2 None FIA Harnesses

We recommend these belts for drivers who want to replace their OEM seat belts with street legal harness belts. These belts meet both FMVSS (US) and ECE (European) standards for street use. Both belts incorporate Takata ASM technology and bendable stainless steel mounting hardware allowing installation to factory seat belt mounting points without effecting the operation of factory seat belts. The two versions come with different width straps for your personal preference.

The Drift II has 2 inch wide lap and shoulder straps with the Drift III belt having 3 inch wide straps. Both harnesses come in Takata green and black to match any interior theme with style!



  • Takata Drift Series Harnesses

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  • Takata Drift Series Harnesses

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Top 2 bucket seats

These seats provide you with the highest level of craftmanship available for both road and track vehicles. These cometition seats bring the highest level of safety available while looking amazing and fitting most drivers. The design on both of these seats hold the driver in place at the shoulders and thigh areas, reducing any unwanted lateral movement, making these seats perfect for track days or any other high intensive motor events. The takata LE Competition Wide version is recommended for larger drivers with a waist size of 32-36 inches. These seats have features like Suede-Tec wear patches to make them longer lasting.  



  • Takata Seats

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  • Takata Seats

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