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Supporting Our Customer At The Donington Race Circuit

We loved having a look around our customer’s race car, testing out the Tillett seats for driver comfort and support, while getting a feel for what it takes to race something so epic! We think these Tillett seats look amazing inside this race machine and as you can see they fit perfectly.

The customer chose the Tillett B6 Screamer Carbon FIA Race Car Seats which were a great chose as they are perfect for racing, the entire seat is made from Carbon Fibre that makes them one of the lightest seats on the market today. This improves performance from the weight saving that Tillett have cleverly done with their seats. The Tillett seat doesn’t compromise safety and comfort with making them as light as possible because the seats are extremely strong and have been molded into a shape that supports the drivers back and sides effectively to provide comfort and lateral support, great for endurance racing. 

Our Customers Set Up...

These pair of side mounts and harnesses all perfectly fit the Tillett B6 Screamer Carbon seat as the side mounts have been specifically designed to fit the bolt points on the sides of the seat and the harness slots allow it to accommodate the top end harness belts such as the 6 point Schroth harness which will provide high amounts of support and safety. 

  • Schroth FIA Saloon Harnesses

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  • Tillett Car Racing Seats

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  • Tillett Mounting Brackets

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This is the new Schroth Profi 3×2 FIA harness belt. This harness features 3″ shoulder webbing and 3″ lap strap webbing with clip-in fittings on all ends. The Schroth Profi 3×3 allows the use of an FHR (HANS) device. The lap belt features pull-up adjustments. The Profi 3×3 is homologated to the FIA 8853-2016 standard. Used by racing teams worldwide at an affordable price.

The B6 Screamer is a direct replacement for the ever so popular B6F. The new design process makes the B6 Screamer even stronger than before with a 20% weight reduction without compromising the strength.  With an ultralight shell weighing from 5.8kg. The rear of the seat has been designed with the tighter cockpit in mind as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The new B6 screamer is FIA 8855-1999 approved. 

TB F1 aluminium side mounting brackets are 6 mm thick and suit the B6 or the New B7 race car seats. These allow the seats to be tipped, raised and lowered. TB F1 brackets can be used with TR1 and TR3 seat adjustment runners. However, we advise against using any seat adjustment runners in a race car, as they are only intended for road use.

Our Tillett and Schroth Range...

Tillett specialist mounting brackets and fitting equipment made to work in conjunction with the full range of Tillett racing seats. 

Tillett car seats are designed using years of experience gained making kart seats with little or no padding, these lightweight seats bring car drivers that “seat of the pants” feel of a racing kart.

SCHROTH have worked in the Motorsport industry for decades producing FIA racing harnesses, for over 50 years Schroth has been making 4-6 point restraints suitable for all forms of Motorsport.

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