Safety Devices Roll Cages

Are you looking for a roll cage? Look no further. Safety Devices produce a vast range of competition and road-use roll cages for the most popular vehicle makes and models for both national and international events.
Design Excellence
Safety Devices understand what you want and what the governing bodies require from a motorsport roll cage. All their cages are designed with safety, functionality and aesthetics in mind – they know you need your cage to be safe and fit for purpose but that it’s also important to you that it looks good.
Certification Guaranteed
Safety Devices is widely acknowledged as a producer of the best roll cages for competition use around the world. Almost all of their designs meet the MSA/FIA regulations and they ensure regular contact with the MSA and its scrutineers to ensure conformity. Safety Devices’ roll cages are crash proven and tested in a race environment.
The Safety Devices roll cage product range is the largest of its kind in the market place with bolt-in and weld-in roll cages for over 2,000 vehicles. They offer an ever-increasing range of roll cages for current and older vehicle models. Alternatively, you can commission a custom designed and installed weld-in roll cage. If there isn't a cage listed for your vehicle, don't hesitate to ask us and we'll check our database.
Selecting the right roll cage
Choosing the right Safety Devices roll cage is essential, especially if you plan to use your car for competition racing. It is crucial that you check all class rules and regulations as well as any MSA/FIA rules that may apply to your car.

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