Reverie Seat Cushion Sets

Reverie know that additional support and comfort is a must and therefore produce these high quality cushion sets. Each cushion set available is made specifically for each of their different racing seats. In this section Reverie make foam, Vinyl, Brushed Nylon, FIA Spacer fabric, Dinamica, Leather, and Carbon Leather cushion kits. 
These cushion kits are made with Velcro sections allowing you to quickly and easily fit them to your Reverie seats. When you need to clean them this means they can also be quickly removed, cleaned and reattached to your seats. 
Each set of cushions can be purchased in a selection of colours (where applicable) Cushion colours range from black, red, blue, green, grey, yellow and even carbon. This will help get a cushion set to nicely work with the interior or exterior colour of your vehicle.

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