Bimarco FIA Racing Bucket Seats

Bimarco produce sports seats and racing shells and they are only one of 2 manufacturers in Poland who has got the FIA homologation. In total they produce 5 types of road and race sports seats, though Bimarco are continually working on new models to suit best to Motorsports and tuning needs.
The Bimarco Dakar, Bimarco Expert and Bimarco Futura are their FIA approved racing bucket seats which are homologated for Motorsport use.

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    Bimarco Cobra Pro Bucketseat FIA Approved

    From £289.00 Excl VAT £346.80 Incl VAT
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    Bimarco Cobra Pro Off-Road FIA 2023

    £402.18Incl VAT£335.15Excl VAT
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    Bimarco Hamer Pro Bucketseat FIA Approved

    £413.53Incl VAT£344.61Excl VAT
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    Bimarco Matrix Bucketseat FIA Approved

    £422.26Incl VAT£351.88Excl VAT
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    Bimarco Phantom Bucketseat FIA Approved

    £414.02Incl VAT£345.02Excl VAT