OMP TRS-X Bucket Seats Arrive In-Store

OMP TRS-X Bucket Seats Arrive In-Store

At GSM we have just received this pair of amazing-looking OMP TRS-X bucket seats that are now on display ready for testing at our showroom. The pair of OMP TRS-X seats are also available for immediate dispatch or collection from our showroom. At GSM we love this seat and its unique fluorescent harness slots and piping that is found all over the seat. 

The OMP TRS-X seat is a Steel framed bucket seat that looks outstanding with a design like no other steel frame seat. This newly developed seat is a Clubman competition seat that has been designed to accommodate drivers of different stature. The seat has a range of new features including larger harness slots to allow for the taller or smaller driver! The seat offers a narrow external design whilst maintaining a decent width to accommodate the broader driver, making it suitable for the more narrow vehicle as well as average-sized vehicles.

Click the images above the view the OMP TRS-X bucket seat.  

We’re extremely impressed with the look that you get with this design.
What do you think? 

Our Top OMP Racing Bucket Seat Recommendations...

OMP Motorsport competition seats are known worldwide, OMP offers a complete line of seats engineered to meet the needs of competition: from the twisty roads of the World Rally Championship to the GT Championships held on racing circuits worldwide, to the extreme test of endurance of the Dakar. 

All these seats are FIA approved and will provide the optimum support and safety you need, perfect for any motorsport event. 

  • Finance available

    OMP HTE Fibreglass FIA Motorsport Seat

    From £473.87
  • Finance available

    OMP WRC-R Fibreglass FIA Motorsport Seat

    £502.91Incl VAT£419.09Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    OMP RS-PT 2 Fibreglass FIA Motorsport Seat

    £476.40Incl VAT£397.00Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    OMP ARS Fibreglass FIA Motorsport Seat

    £491.00Incl VAT£409.17Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    OMP Champ-R Fibreglass FIA Motorsport Seat

    £348.00Incl VAT£290.00Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    OMP First R Fibreglass FIA Motorsport Seat

    £327.00Incl VAT£272.50Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    OMP HRC One FIA Motorsport Seat

    £6,630.06Incl VAT£5,525.05Excl VAT
  • OMP TRS-X Steel Frame Bucket Seat

    From £218.50

Our OMP Harness Range...

Why not pair up and match your top OMP bucket seat with a high-quality OMP harness. 

OMP produces harnesses 4 and 6 point harnesses which are available in a range of styles and colours. Each OMP harness is available in either black, blue, or red webbing and all come with the OMP logo on the shoulder straps.

  • OMP 801 FIA 4 Point Motorsport Harness

    From £145.16
  • OMP Tecnica 3×2 Inch 6 Point Harness Belt

    From £209.09
  • Finance available

    OMP One-D 2 Dyneema Harness Belt

    From £430.00
  • OMP Tecnica 2 Formula 6 Point Harness Belt

    From £220.00
  • Finance available

    OMP One 2 Pull Up Saloon 6 Point Harness

    From £270.00
  • Finance available

    OMP One 2” Versa Saloon 6 Point Harness

    From £290.00
  • Finance available

    OMP One 3+2 Endurance 6 Point Saloon Harness

    From £270.00
  • Finance available

    OMP One 3+2 Convertible 6 Point Saloon Harness

    From £270.00
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