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Mirco Seats

Throughout the range you will find different models to suit a wide range of needs for your vehicle.

Mirco racing seats are designed and produced in Skoczow, Poland. Mirco have been on the market since 1995 and over the years have gained experience and the confidence of many customers.

Top 2 FIA bucket Seats (No Head Support)

We highly recommend the two 3D Mirco bucket seats we suggested for their great value and comfort. The Mirco GT 3D Fibreglass bucket seat features a comfortable ergonomic design which includes removable leg support to help tailor the seat to most individual requirements. After testing this seat in-store we have been really impressed firstly by the build quality and secondly by the Mirco GT’s high levels of comfort and support. Its a really well-designed seat which we strongly recommend in this price bracket.

This is a narrower and tighter version of the popular Mirco RS2 model but keeps the same great styling and design. We have the full range of Mirco seats at our showroom to try and strongly recommend them due to their high levels of support and comfort.  We have hands-on experience with the Mirco RTS bucket seat and have been extremely pleased with its design and level of support for all sizes and shapes of drivers. Since introducing this seat into our showroom display its been a fantastic hit.

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Top 2 FIA bucket Seats (With Head Support)

These two bucket seats are perfect for someone looking for FIA approved Mirco seats with added head support to secure your neck and head in place to keep upper body movement to a minimum while on the track. 

We have hands on experience with the Mirco RS7 Fibreglass bucket seat and know what its suitable for drivers up to a 38inch waist comfortably and provides fantastic head support for even the taller driver. The Mirco RS7 has been designed with what we can only explain as extreme deep kidney, shoulder and head supports making this seat simply unbeatable at this price point.

 The Mirco RS1 3D FIA Motorsport Seat is suitable for drivers with a 30 to 34-inch waist comfortably and provides fantastic head support. The Mirco RS1 has been extremely popular since we introduced this into our in-store display and strongly recommend giving this seat a go as you will be amazed at the levels of comfort and support.

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