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Ford Fiesta Mk6 Cobra Nogaro Package

We have created a Cobra Nogaro package for the Ford Fiesta Mk6 that includes a pair of Cobra Nogaro Circuit bucket seats for both the passenger and driver’s side as well as two sets of side mounts that are designed specifically for the Nogaro seats. Two Ford Fiesta direct-fit sub-frames are included in this package with sliding runner kits, everything you will need to install the Cobra Nogaro Circuit seats into your Ford Fiesta Mk6. The frames have been designed to fit the factory floor plan of the Ford Fiesta and will line up to the bolt points perfectly for a safe and simple installment. 

We have made another package with some extra options added to the Cobra Nogaro Circuit bucket seat including heating and lumbar support that will improve comfort, perfect for longer journeys. 

Items Included In The Package

 Cobra subframes are made to fit Cobra seats directly into your Ford Fiesta Mk6 (2008-present) car quickly and easily. We strongly recommend using these when possible for a solid and secured fitment. The Cobra subframes listed will only fit with seats of the same brand. If the subframes are used with seats made by other manufacturers correct fitment can not be guaranteed.

Cobra Nogaro side mounts are specifically designed to work with the Cobra Nogaro only. These side mounts have a different profile to cater to the Nogaro shell design. This is also classed as the Super low side mount on various other websites. Please note this is the same product.

  • Cobra Fitting Equipment

    £65.00 Excl. VAT Add to basket
  • Cobra Road And Track Seats

    From £682.50 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Cobra Car Specific Fitting Frames

    £193.05 Excl. VAT Select options

Our Cobra Nogaro Seat Collecton

The Nogaro is available in two shell materials, GRP and Carbon and with or without harness slots in a wide range of fabrics, colours, and custom trim options.

Cobra seats are hand trimmed in the UK which allows us to provide you with a wide range of trimming options. When you select one or two colour Fabric/Vinyl/Amalfi/Leather variations (where applicable). Please add the colour information you want on checkout. When we process the order we will also contact you to confirm the colour specifications and trimming design. This ensures you get the perfect handcrafted seat from our Premium UK brand.

  • Cobra Road And Track Seats

    From £524.17 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Cobra Road And Track Seats

    From £2,182.50 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Cobra Road And Track Seats

    From £2,182.50 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Cobra Road And Track Seats

    From £657.50 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Cobra Road And Track Seats

    From £682.50 Excl. VAT Select options

The Cobra Nogaro Seats In-Store

This is the Cobra Nogaro with a full GRP shell, perfect for keeping your OEM look whilst keeping the weight down in your vehicle. The side and shoulder bolsters offer great levels of body support but allow easy entry and exit and the base profile allows the seat to be mounted very low in the car if that is your favoured driving position. Designed to be used with a standard lap and diagonal seatbelt without modifications but also features harness slots for a 4-point harness if you venture out onto the track at the weekend. 

We have separate listings sold in pairs that are on our fast dispatch page where all seats available in-store as pairs can be found.

  • Showroom Stock

    £1,298.34 Excl. VAT Add to basket
  • Showroom Stock

    £998.32 Excl. VAT Add to basket
  • Cobra Road And Track Seats

    From £524.17 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Cobra Road And Track Seats

    From £682.50 Excl. VAT Select options

Our Speed+ Service Page

We have put the pairs of Cobra Nogaro seats on our new Speed+ Service Page with the specific trim we have in-store and shown as a pair, not a single seat. This is a limited-time offer where we can dispatch these seats immediately from this page. Our Speed+ Service page has been linked below and the Cobra Nogaro Circuit can be found in the track day seat section. This can also be found at the top of our main website home page.

We are an official Cobra distributor stocking and displaying every Cobra seat in-store for viewing! Cobra has been producing racing bucket seats, reclining sport seats, motorsport seats and historic classic car seats along with their racing and Motorsport harnesses for decades. Cobra is among the original seat manufacturers in the UK and is known worldwide for their high-quality products.

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