Customer racecar fitted with Sparco Grid-Q seats

Sparco Grid-Q bucket seats freshly installed

The Sparco Grid-Q bucket seat has been one of the most popular FIA Motorsport bucket seats of 2020. Since this seat was redesigned we have constant requests for customers to try it out in-store. We’ve also been shipping these weekly out to customers from FIA racecars preparing for the 2021 season through to racing simulators. The Sparco Grid-Q is simply a fantastic bucket seat.

Sparco Grid-Q lightweight design.

The Sparco Grid-Q had a huge upgrade in 2019 when Sparco released their QRT range of Motorsport seats. This new technology allowed them to produce a range of fibreglass seats which were over 20-30% lighter than their previous models. The Sparco Grid-Q benefited from the QRT upgrades making it just 6.8kg. 

Sparco Grid-Q holding capability.

The Sparco Grid-Q has a unique design to all other seats in the Sparco line up. The shell has padded sections to provide comfort, but this also allows the driver to sink down into the shell of the seat nicely and provide a fantastic driving position while being hugged by the thigh and kidney supports. Perfect for fast corner.  

Our Sparco QRT Motorsport seat range...

  • Top 10 product
    Finance available

    Sparco Pro 2000 QRT FIA Motorsport bucket seat

    £542.34Incl VAT£451.95Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    Sparco Pro ADV QRT FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    £603.16Incl VAT£502.63Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    Sparco Circuit QRT FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    £498.00Incl VAT£415.00Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    Sparco Circuit II QRT FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    £528.00Incl VAT£440.00Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    Sparco Rev QRT FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    £366.00Incl VAT£305.00Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    Sparco Evo XL QRT FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    £612.00Incl VAT£510.00Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    Sparco Evo L QRT FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    £566.40Incl VAT£472.00Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    Sparco Pilot QRT FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

    £619.04Incl VAT£515.87Excl VAT

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