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Corbeau Seats And Harnesses

Corbeau seats and harnesses are proud to be manufactured in the UK. 
Throughout the range you will find different models to suit a wide range of needs for your vehicle.

Top 2 FIA bucket Seats

Our FIA Motorsport bucket seat range has been developed across our 50+ year heritage to what it is today. Quality and comfort are at the heart of what we do, along with safety through innovation.

We love the Corbeau Revolution, with high sides and tight shoulders, you will be gripped into your seat like never before. This is a clear winner. 

When you need to go one step further, the Corbeau Revenge comes with added head support ensuring your full protection when used in conjunction with a HANS device. 

  • Corbeau FIA Racing Bucket Seats

    From £830.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Corbeau FIA Racing Bucket Seats

    From £740.00 Excl. VAT Select options

Top 2 Reclining Seats

From our most popular RRS and Boss Evo 2 models to the ultra-high side bolstered RRB seat, We have a wide range of Sportline Reclining road seat products to upgrade your daily driver/weekend toy with race-inspired bucket seats.

The Corbeau RRS is the bench mark for luxury. This reclining sport seat has high levels of support linked with outstanding design.

The Corbeau RRB however, is a quality track day seat with high sides to hold you in place when pushing your car to the limit. This seat remains stylish enough for use in premium cars.  

Top 2 classic and retro seats

Corbeau don’t just make Motorsport seats, their range of classic seats are equally as popular in-store and online. 

Our Classic range of seats has heritage at its core, from the original flagship GT8 bucket seat to the ever-popular Corbeau Classic seat. 

Both seats are perfect for dozens of different cars depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. 

Want to sit in them and find out which is right for you? Contact us and we’ll be happy to book you into our premium showroom.

The Corbeau Classic, is a beautiful seat for drivers wanting an understated seat a period look. We’ve found this seat incredibly popular for classic cars. This seat comes with an attachable headrest that’s included with the seat.

he Corbeau GT8 High back Bucket seat is just that! A Retro car seat for those wanting something that works wonders in your classic cars.

  • Corbeau Classic Bucket Seats

    From £280.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Corbeau Classic Bucket Seats

    From £265.00 Excl. VAT Select options

Top 2 racing office chairs

When it comes to office chairs, we think you should take the best of their sport recliners and simply convert them to office chairs. 

We’ve created these office base adapters and couldn’t believe how popular they would become. 

Looking to get them customised? Made here in the UK, we work closely with Corbeau production to bring you exactly what you require. Need a custom logo? No problem! We’ve got you covered.  

  • Corbeau Office Racing Seats

    £490.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Corbeau Office Racing Seats

    £515.00 Excl. VAT Add to basket

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