Classic Cobra Seats In A Datsun 240Z

Classic Cobra Seat In A Datsun 240Z

A question we receive allot at GSM Performance is, Which parts do I need to fit these seats to my Datsun? We’ve been fitting seats to Datsun’s  and Nissans for many years. From the 240Z through to the 350Z. We know these cars very well.


If you chose to stay with your standard seat belts with your new Cobra GT3 seats, this is perfectly fine as these seats can be used with standard seat belts. This can allow you to get that factory fitted look with stunning seats if that is your desire.

 First you will have to require the Cobra GT3 seats that we have linked for you. This seat has famous styling for over two decades as its closely based on the original Porsche 911 seat which will give your 240Z a fantastic classic gt race car look. With its deep bucketed sides and vinyl trim, this seat has well-rounded support and is very comfortable. There are more classic seats in Cobra’s range that can be found on our website.

  • UK Handmade
    Finance available

    Cobra GT3 Historic Bucket Seat

    £399.00Incl VAT£332.50Excl VAT
  • Cobra Premium Sliding Runners

    From £65.83

The Cobra GT3 classic bucket seat is base mounted only, meaning they have to be connected directly to the base frame without the use of side mounts. We recommend Planted Technology frames with Premium sliding runners as they will line up with the bolt patterns on the Cobra seats perfectly and the frame can directly fit into a 240Z quickly and easily. 

  • Planted Technology Nissan 240Z Seat Bracket

    From £174.58
  • Planted Technology Datsun 240Z Seat Bracket

    From £174.58

Overall the Cobra GT3 seats will bolt directly onto the Planted Technology frames from the base of the seat, then the frame will perfectly fit into your 240Z as its designed to line up to the bolt patterns on the floor. 

This is everything you need to know and do to successfully and directly install your seats into your vehicle. 

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