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Bimarco Seats

Throughout the range you will find different models to suit a wide range of needs for your vehicle.

Bimarco produces sports seats and racing shell seats. Every day their products are tested in the toughest conditions in all kinds of motorsports. Drivers supported by Bimarco seats can handle the most powerful machines more easily.

Top 2 FIA Bucket Seats

These Bimarco Motorsport seats are produced in Poland and are FIA approved (8855-1999 no:CA.261.11) for those looking to take racing seriously.

 We recommend the Bimarco Grip for those who are looking for extra support to maximise comfort while pushing you car to its limit. The Bimarco Grip bucket seat is the first FIA homologated seat with built-in head protection from Bimarco that will give you extra support to your head and neck by securing your helmet in place. The Bimarco Grip offers excellent value for money, providing maximized driver protection.


 We recommend the Bimarco Futura FIA bucket seat to drivers with a longer back, suitible up to 6ft 3-4″ easily. Its also a nice fit for drivers up to a 36″ waist. With its high thigh and deep shoulder supports, this seat will safely secure you in the seat with minimum movement when using your car for fast road or track use. 

Top 2 None FIA Bucket Seats

For drivers looking for Bimarco seats for the road use then we recommend the two types of Bimarco Cobra 2 seats as they are ideal for tuning or competition not requiring FIA homologation.

The Bimarco Cobra II is a wider version of the Bimarco Cobra sports seat. Similarly to its predecessor, its constructed from fibreglass reinforced plastic shell, providing high levels of driver protection. Cobra 2 is fully covered with velour in a choice of colours to match your car’s interior. 

A Slightly more expensive option is the Bimarco Cobra 2 M bucket seat that has different styling and larger harness slots for 4 point belts only. This seat, as well as the Cobra 2, has wide shoulder supports and good leg support to hold you in place while going at high speeds. These seats are suitable for drivers under 6ft with waist sizes of 32-36 inches.  



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