The Auto Style Type Classic Bucket Seat Now In Stock

The Auto Style Type Classic Bucket Seat Now In Stock

We now have a pair of Auto-Style Type Classic bucket seats on display at our showroom ready for viewing and testing in 2022. We have a pair of these seats in black vinyl trim. The shine of the vinyl trim gives these seats a retro look which works perfectly with the classic design and shape these seats have. The pair of Auto-Style Type classic bucket seats would work perfectly in any classic car, retro interior, and small cockpit vehicle. A nice choice for classic car owners that are capturing that retro look and feel.  

Auto-Style Type Classic Bucket Seats

The Type Classic Vinyl bucket seat from Auto Style is a great retro-bucket seat. Spoil yourself and your passengers with sports seats by AutoStyle, which combine a sporty look and comfort to create this fantastic Type Classic bucket seat. The AutoStyle seats have optimum comfort, are made from the highest quality materials and are perfect for those updating classic sports cars.

These were introduced in August 2010 to compete against the famous Corbeau Classic and Cobra Classic bucket seats which are similar in design.

  • Auto Style Type Classic Vinyl with Headrest Bucket Seat

    £198.00Incl VAT£165.00Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type Classic F Bucket Seat

    £155.26Incl VAT£129.38Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type Classic Vinyl Bucket Seat

    £191.40Incl VAT£159.50Excl VAT

Our Classic Seat Collection

These are all the Classic, Historic, and Retro bucket seats we have from each major brand including Corbeau, Cobra, Auto-Style, Sparco, and more. Historic classic seats are generally smaller in dimensions than modern racing seats, allowing them to fit into even the smallest of kit cars.

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