Audi TT MK1 with Cobra Misano Lux sport seats

Audi TT Mk1 with Cobra Misano seats

We recently supplied our customer with a set of Cobra Misano Lux reclining sport seats with Audi TT MK1 fitting frames and seat sliders.

 Our customer’s Audi TT has never looked better with these stylish leather and alcantara trimmed custom seats. Matched with red logos and stitching for an extra touch of class. 

Each Cobra Misano seat is hand crafted in the UK. This allows us to specify trim designs, colours and patterns to match your requirements. If you have specific tastes, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.  

Looking for a set of reclining sport seats or fitting brackets for your Audi TT mk1? We have a direct installation kit from Cobra to match their range of reclining sport seats. These work with the Cobra Misano, Daytona, Opus and fixed back Nogaro.

Pick the right seats for your body shape along wit the matching subframe, and fitment is as easy as 1-2-3. 

Our top Cobra reclining sport seat recommendations...

  • UK Handmade
    Finance available

    Cobra Misano Lux Reclining Sport Seat

    From £1,207.50
  • UK Handmade
    Finance available

    Cobra Misano S Reclining Sport Seat

    From £790.83
  • Cobra Seats – Audi TT Mk2 Direct Fit Subframes

    From £193.05
  • Cobra Seats – Audi TT Mk1 Direct Fit Subframes

    From £197.45
  • UK Handmade
    On sale
    Finance available

    Cobra Misano Anniversary Reclining Sport Seat

    From £1,195.00
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