Astra GSi fitted with Corbeau Clubsport bucket seats

Vauxhall Astra GSi with Corbeau Clubsport seats!

We recently supplied our customer with a set of Corbeau Clubsports and here’s the photos.

 Our customer Vauxhall Astra has been fitted with a full rear roll cage, Corbeau Clubsport bucket seats and Willian harness belts.
That’s one nice set up for an occassional track day car.  

Looking for a set of Corbeau Clubsport bucket seats for your Vauxhall Astra? We recommend using the OMP seat frame listed below for either the MK2, Mk3, Mk4 or MK5. Simply bolt the Clubsport seats to the OMP frame and then into the vehicle. 

  • 0% pay-in-3

    OMP – Vauxhall Astra Mk5 direct Fit Subframes

    £106.30Incl VAT£88.58Excl VAT
  • 0% pay-in-3

    OMP – Opel Astra 4th series direct Fit Subframes

    £81.78Incl VAT£68.15Excl VAT
  • 0% pay-in-3

    OMP – Opel Astra 3rd series direct Fit Subframes

    £100.01Incl VAT£83.34Excl VAT
  • 0% pay-in-3

    OMP – Opel Astra 2nd series direct Fit Subframes

    £73.16Incl VAT£60.97Excl VAT

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