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Which harnesses do you choose?

We recently created a blog showing the latest MX-5 design harnesses available from TRS Motorsport. These are our top recommended harness belts as TRS specifically design them with shorter shoulder straps ensuring the excess webbing is kept to a minimum, along with the correct fixings for the MX5. 

With the number of drivers documenting their progress modifying the ever-popular Mazda MX-5 or Miata as it’s also known, we’ve also linked to 3 videos that we think are worth watching to show you all the mistakes you might make when fitting them, along with the best practices when it comes to bolt locations.

Road/Track Harness Recommendation

We have 2 main options that we recommend. The TRS Clubman road harnesses which come with a standard belt buckle release clip, standard adjusters and 2inch webbing. We can also have these made with 3inch webbing and upgraded alloy adjusters where required. . These are road and MOT ready. 

If you are looking to race then we’d recommend the Magnum 4 point which has a rotary twist release mechanism and full FIA approval. As standard these come with steel adjusters and 3inch webbing. We can also have these produced for you with upgraded alloy adjusters which have a smoother mechanism to change the length of each strap (Great for fast driver changes)

At this point it is good to note that you can technically use any wrap around style 4/6 point harness that we have available from Sparco through to Schroth, but you’ll just have excess webbing behind your bucket seats.

  • TRS MX5 harnesses

    From £85.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • TRS MX5 harnesses

    From £179.00 Excl. VAT Select options

Sparco Harness Belt Installation

We all love Youtube for advice and information, and installing your harness belts is no different. We’ve had a browse around watching all the various videos of MX-5 drivers installing their bucket seats and harnesses, and we think these are some of the best videos available. 

In this particular video the driver uses Sparco harnesses and comments about the excess webbing when wrapping them around the rear roll cage. He also points out the best practices to install the lap straps which is commonly overlooked and a video well worth a watch. 

OEM Runners And Harnesses

This video from the Rust Locker is fantastic for showing bucket seat and harness installation adapting the original seat sliders in the MX-5, along with which eye bolts fit into the cars original mounting points. 

The harnesses used here are standard Saloon length harnesses from TRS which are more than suitable but can be swapped out the MX-5 length harnesses we link to in this guide to reduce to excess webbing around the rear harness bar. 

Recaro/Schroth Setup

When you’ve got a bigger budget and looking for a set of seats and harnesse from the biggest brand names in the business, then look no further than Recaro and Schroth. This video shows a beautiful install for the Recaro Pole Position and the Schroth harnesses. 

It’s worth noting the exact same issues with the excessive length around the rear harness which is overcome when using the TRS harnesses. But again a great setup and we keep the Schroth harnesses as Clubman II and Profi II belts for those looking for a premium brand name like Schroth.  

Need More Mazda MX-5 Information?

Our Mazda MX-5 Mk1, mk2, mk3, and mk4 guides provide you with all the best bucket seat brackets, installation parts, bucket seat options, and harness options for each variation of Mazda MX-5 available today. If these dont answer all your questions, then simply give us a call!

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