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Tillett Brand Guide

Tillett Started in karting in 1978 and created the well respected brand we have today. Tillett produce some of the worlds best lightweight automotive race seating. with seats starting from as little as under 2kg, Tillett is not to be underestimated in any way. This range is a must have for those looking to save weight and increase driving performance.

Top 2 Bucket Seats

We recommend the Tillett B2 Ultra Lightweight Race Car Seat for drivers who are looking light weight seats with sacrificing support and comfort. This seat only weighs 3kg as its made out of high quality glossy carbon fibre to minimise the weight. This seat has tones support at the shoulders and thigh areas with tactically placed cushions for added comfort and a low seating angle which is suited to race or track day vehicles. Due to the back shape the driver is curled into a small space allowing this seat to be fitted into many vehicles that could not take a regular performance seat. 

We Recommend the Tillett W3 seat for drivers looking to minimise their weight as much as possible to maximise performance. This is one of the lightest seats on the market, weighing at only 1.1kg! This seat could reduce your vehicles weight from up 30kg per OEM seat that’s being replaced. This will improve the performance of your vehicle and will reduce some serious time of your laps or events during fast road or track use.      

  • Tillett Car Racing Seats

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