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Sparco QRT Seat With VW Golf M2 Rail Package

This package includes a pair of VW Golf Mk 5-7 M2 Rails and a Sparco QRT-R bucket seat. We have a Passenger side Golf M2 rail available at our showroom for immediate collection. They have been tried and tested in store with passion and are available on our online store or collection from our showroom.

Sparco QRT-R Fibreglass FIA Bucket Seat. The Quick Resin Technology (QRT), invented and industrialized by Sparco, allows for quick and uniform fusion of the seat frame, resulting in a significant reduction in the product’s mass through the improved dosage of resin. This technology improves fibre arrangement within the frame, while the innovative transfer of resin results in unparalleled mechanical strength/weight ratios for fibreglass sports seats.

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The Gold M2 Rails are compatible with the Sparco QRT-R bucket seat as they share the same bolt patterns that allows perfect fitment to the sides of the seat.  The M2 Rails have been made specifically to fit into the Gold Mk5, 6 and 7 giving you a safe and secure instalment. 

  • M2 Motorsport Car Specific Side Mount Rail Kits

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  • Sparco FIA Racing Bucket Seats

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M2 subframes are made to fit 90% of side-mounted Motorsport seats directly into your Volkswagen Golf MK5 quickly and easily. We strongly recommend using these when possible for a solid and secured fitment. M2 subframes are entire replacement frames and include the sliding rails required for the sliding backward and forward movement.

This was new for 2019 – with the larger shell design which means it can accommodate the majority of drivers. This seat is super lightweight, weighing in at just 7.1kg! The new lower leg cushion offers additional support whilst a medium lumbar support allows a snug fit around the legs. This seat features 5 harness slots and has been developed using the new QRT technology – the lightest in it’s class!

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