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Recaro Seats Brand Guide

Recaro is Known for being the world’s largest automotive and commercial vehicle seat manufacturer with 40 years of experience giving them a prime advantage when providing high quality sport seats.

Top 2 FIA bucket Seats

These Seats are FIA apporved allowing them to be used in all motorsport events including FIA homologated events. These seats are both 580mm wide, only suitable for width restrictions wider then 580mm in your vehicle.

We recommend the Recaro pole position bucket seat as this seat has been made to the highest standards and levels of quality. The Recaro brand name shines through once again with this seat being a prime example of what Recaro can do. This seat has been designed to be the best within its price bracket with an extensive design for support and style, Shoulder supports have been designed for optimum lateral hold and a reliable built in headrest for effective head protection. This seat has glass fibre reinforced plastic material (GRP) and back bolsters that create good stability during extreme driving situations as well as being light weight to increase performance. This is one of our most popular Recaro seats we offer and is available for in-store viewing. 

We recommend the Profi SPG bucket seat for its amazing design and surprising amount of comfort and support. It has large shoulder supports for maximum lateral hold and deep bucketed leg support to hold you in place, even during extreme driving conditions. This seat has washable cushions to increase the life span of the seat and harness slots for 5-6 point harness compatibility.  

  • Recaro FIA Racing Bucket Seats

    From £915.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Recaro FIA Racing Bucket Seats

    From £790.00 Excl. VAT Select options

Top 2 Reclining Seats

In our range of Recaro reclining sport seats, our most popular and best seat by far is the Recaro Sportster CS seats. We have many versions of the Sportster CS with different trims and colours and added extras like heated seats and side air bags which can all be found on our GSM Performance sport seats website. 

We recommend the Sportster CS for drivers who want the base version from the Sportster CS range and good value. This is for drivers who want functionality without the sacrifice of stability and comfort. This seat has firm upholstery that gives the driver a great feel for the road and tactically placed cushions down the sides of the driver to increase lateral hold, making this seat extremely comfortable. The Recaro Sportster CS seats create a perfect seating position and excellent support when cornering. With its stunning design the Sportster CS seats are a great addition for the interior of your vehicle.

The Sportser CS Performance Addition comes with more unique styling with red leather details and deep black Dinamica centres, this seat underlines the distinctive Recaro design and takes it to the next level. 

  • Recaro Sportline Reclining Sport Seats

    From £1,695.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Recaro Sportline Reclining Sport Seats

    From £1,255.00 Excl. VAT Select options

Top 2 racing office chairs

Recaro have captured the amazing styling from their racing seats and transformed them into great office chairs to bring your work and gaming spaces to life. 

The recaro Sportster CS office seat captured the most recent designs and is great for modern work and gaming set ups. This chair will bring a sporty look to your office, perfect for a car enthusiast. The back of this seat has been specifically deigned to hold you in place while forming to the natural S-Curve of your spine for maximum comfort. 

We recommend the Recaro Expert S office chair for people looking for a more classic look as this style has been captured from Recaro’s retro seat range. This chair will bring you great comfort and practicality, with full 360 degree rotation and Hight and tilting mechanisms allowing you to get the best position for you.

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