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Real Race Seat Inserts Brand Guide

Real Race Seat Inserts are know for their insert technology and bespoke fitting services. Real Race Seat Inserts enhances the drivers position and comfort while often reducing weight which helps towards improving your vehicles performance.

Real Race Lumbar Pads

We recommend using Real Race Seat Inserts for their high quality and reliable lumbar pads. There is plenty of choice allowing you to get the correct amount of pads you need and are easy to install. The 3 pad allows drivers to control the specific amount of inflation within the 3 cells. during inflation the driver can apply pressure onto the pad, causing the air to travel into required areas between the 3 cells. 

The single cell inflatable lumbar pad is designed to allow drivers to fine tune the lumbar support area, ideal for endurance or multi driver racing. Both lumbar supports come with an easy to use black hand bulb to pump air into the cells to control the inflation, making it excellent for getting the perfect fitment for your needs. 

  • Real Race Seat Inserts

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  • Real Race Seat Inserts

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Real Race Poly-Bead Resin Kit

These kits are designed to allow drivers to ensure the optimum seating position is achieved by applying the Beads and resin mix in the liner. mixing the kit is straight forward with all the equipment supplied with the kit and clear and complete instructions, we recommend using this equipment because using the mixing bottle will help get the best results. 

Applying a vacuum allows the curing process to be achieved and once formed to your desired shape, this will increase comfort, safety and durability. 

Our range of real Race Poly-Bead Resin kits start at 15 Litres which is suitable for larger drivers. These kits go all the way up to 110 Litres which is suitable for very small drivers.   



  • Real Race Seat Inserts

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