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Race Sport Brand Guide

Race Sport have a small line up of reclining sport seats and office chairs that are certainly worth taking a look at. We highly recommend these seats for those wanting practicality, comfort and style from their seats. 

Top 2 Reclining Seats

We strongly recommend the Race Sport Butzi ZR-R reclining sport seat as it captures the sporty design perfectly but retaining the practicality of the seat with reclining and tilting functions. It draws design elements from a few Sparco racing seats and brings them together to create a great sporty look for your car. This seat is suitable for road use at a great price, its one to try. 

The Tech-Art Fine Fibre reclining seat provides the best of both worlds, additional support and comfort with flexibility. With stunning quality, this seat offers extremely comfortable material along with a race look that never fails to impress. This race track themed seat comes with an incredible price for the amount of comfort and quality this seat has to offer. We recommend this seat to drivers looking to improve the comfort and style of their car interiors.

Top 2 racing office chairs

The race Sport Twin Stripe reclining office seat will bring a racing style to your work space or gaming set up with its three tone racing stipes and vinyl finish. This seat is a great example that good styling can be done at a reasonable price. This seat will give you the same technology and comfort that you get inside a racing car and is adapted to suit your office space. 

We recommend the Butzi vinyl reclining office chair as well because it provides comfort all around the body including the back, shoulders and neck meaning its one of the most ergonomic chairs that money can buy. With a full range of adjustments and styles, this is the perfect office chair to improve the look and feel of your work or gaming set ups.   

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