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QMS Motorsport Brand Guide

QMS Motorsport are specialist when it comes to producing high quality racing harnesses including 4 and 6 point with head and neck protection friendly belts as well. We recommend only using the HANS harness belts with a HANS device as the straps are thinner to provide a better fit. Having thinner straps without a HANS device is a unnecessary sacrifice in comfort and safety. 

Top FIA Harnesses

We Recommend the 6 point QMS FIA harness belt for drivers who are looking for the best safety and support. This harness has 6 connection points to the car which increases stability and its FIA approved material makes this harness extremely strong to allow it to withstand the strongest forces while keeping the driver in their seat. This harness is suitable for seats with 6 harness slots for a perfect fit. 

The 4 point QMS FIA harness has less connection points to the car with missing straps between the legs making it suitable for seats with 4 harness slots. QMS   pride themselves in the quality of each component they make and this harness is no exception, it has 3inch wide and extremely strong straps that are suitable for FIA homologated events and a quick release aircraft style buckle, excellent for getting in and out of your seat quickly. With its highly affordable price e strongly recommend giving this harness belt a look. 

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