Schroth Seat Racing Harnesses

All the Schroth racing harnesses in this section are designed to work with your Seat. Each Schroth harness belt will state which model of Seat they are made to specifically fit.
SCHROTH have worked in the Motorsport industry for decades producing road, race and FIA harnesses, for over 50 years schroth has been making 4-6 point safety restraints for a vast range of applications and when it comes to racing your Porsche they are ready with harness solution.
German engineered and manufactured, all harnesses are either ECE or FMVSS approved and tested and come in a wide variety of colors, styles and configurations. Schroth boast a huge range of features from RFR Buckles, ASM Anti Sub Marining Technology, Flexi Belt systems and more.

Seat Ibiza – Type 6k
Seat Ibiza – Type 6l
Seat Leon – Type 1M
Seat Leon – Type 1P
Seat Toledo – Type 1M

So its time to improve your driving experience with these supportive Schroth harness belts. Clip in, sit tight and enjoy a safter more controlled driving experience.

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