Luke Pro Sport Harnesses

The Luke Pro Sport harness are a fantastic range of road and race harness belt which comes with the twist buckle release mechanism. This is the main difference between this belt and the Luke GMax road harnesses. Both harnesses are very similar in design and construction and the main difference is the belt clip type. The Gmax belts use a standard style seat belt clip whereas the Pro harnesses use an FIA style twist buckle clip.
These harnesses provide a fantastic racing look and are perfect for those that want the twist buckle design without having the afford a full FIA racing harness belt. These Pro harnesses can also come with a 50mm wide strap or a FIA style 75mm strap for those that want more support. With the brand name name, the quality, the design. These harnesses will look great in any car!

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  • Luke Pro 3 Point Saloon Harness

    From £105.00
  • Luke Pro 4 Point Saloon Harness

    From £132.00
  • Luke Pro 5 Point Saloon Harness

    From £135.00
  • Luke Pro 6 Point Saloon Harness Belt

    From £128.00