Macht Schnell Fitting Equipment

In this section, you will find the correct fitting equipment to attach your seats to your BMW.
You'll find information regarding whether each part fits to your vehicle in our dropdowns. Some items can be finished with Black anodize or clear! All down to your personal preference. Each item has a detailed description so you fully understand which part is needed.

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  • Macht Schnell 6-Point Harness Submarine Bracket

    £78.89Incl VAT£65.74Excl VAT
  • Macht Schnell E-Chassis Clip-In Harness Receptacles

    £109.50Incl VAT£91.25Excl VAT
  • Macht Schnell Hybrid Seatbelt Harness Receptacles

    From £149.00 Excl VAT £178.80 Incl VAT