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Our Reverie Range Updated For 2023

We have recently updated our entire Reverie range that includes new 2023 products, images, information and suitable bundle items to purchase with your new Reverie product. Our Reverie collection offers the lightest aftermarket racing seats on the market with some seats being vehicle specific, as well as fitting equipment and seat cushion sets.  

Reverie Carbon produces a range of autoclaved seats from single skin (matt black finish on the rear) to twin skin (molded polished front and back shells bonded together to make the ultimate stiff light monocoque seat. Reverie makes low back versions suitable for older sports cars as well as fully approved amazingly light FIA approved racing seats. Their FIA approved seats have been impacted sled tested in excess of 20G.

Our Reverie Non FIA Seat Collection

This collection includes fixed-back bucket seats suitable for track days and fast road use. This bucket seat range consists of seats with and without head support and brand-new seats released this summer in 2023. 

The Super Sport is one of the newly released seats from Reverie, it’s a lightweight bucket seat with a Carbon fibre shell. This extremely light and rigid seat is perfect for those looking for a Carbon seat within a sensible budget. This version of the Super Sport features a twin-skin shell, with the shape of the seat providing great levels of support to the leg and kidney areas along with improved protection to the head and neck. 

Our FIA Approved Reverie Bucket Seat

The Reverie FIA approved seat has a twin skin with head support, available in spacer fabric or untrimmed. This Reverie FIA seat can get as light as 3.7kg per seat when untrimmed, helping to drastically reduce the overall weight of your vehicle without compromising on quality. Reverie FIA seats are rated for up to 20G impacts for optimum safety. 

This seat requires side mounts to fix them in place. This is extremely important to create the secured fixing between your new Reverie seat and your vehicle. We also provide the side mounts which can be found in our Reverie side mount section.

Our Reverie Universal Seat Range

Reverie universal autoclaved ultra stiff twin skin or, cheaper single skin seats are available in a variety of styles and trim options, and are compatible with most cars and allow for use with 3/4/5/6-point harness belts. A selection of sub frames are available including sliding rails and carbon fibre or fixed alloy side mounts which are the standard sparco/omp/recaro spacings 285mm allowing for easy fitment and customisation.

Reverie narrow seats (Mulsanne B, C, X C & XR C) are universal fit using side mounts, but can also be fitted to various Lotus models (see lotus Section). A variety of cushion kits and seat trims are available such as FIA spacer fabric, vinyl or genuine leather. Cushion kits are compatible with any seat whereas full seat trim is available on selected models full seat trim.

Our Reverie Lotus Specific Bucket Seats

Our Mulsanne (B,C,XC and XRC) Narrow seats are compatible with both Lotus and VX220; we offer both twin skin and single skin, with and without head rests. Our seats can be fitted to the OEM Lotus S1 sliding rail and fixed rails or by using our S2 conversion kits for Vx220, S2 Elise and S2 Exige.

Our twin skin seats have approx 20% improved rigidity and further reduced weight over our single skin seats. Again Velcro on narrow cushion trim kits are available in a range of colours and fabrics. Reverie now provide the very best in Carbon seats including universal seats, FIA seats and vehicle specific seats for various cars like the Lotus Elise and Vauxhall VX220.

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