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OMP Racing Brand Update!

At GSM Performance, we have recently updated our entire OMP range including seats, harnesses and fitting equipment. We now have new information, images, and prices for you to view. 

Since the new OMP update all our products have optional bundle product recommendation to chose from and purchase with your OMP product at the same checkout. Our OMP seats have been bundled with fitting equipment, making it easier then ever to find and buy the correct equipment you need for the OMP seat you are purchasing. Our harnesses have been bundled with back plates and web cutters, useful items that relate to your OMP harnesses, available at the same checkout. 

OMP Racing are a motorsport equipment manufacturer based in Italy. OMP Racing produce a stunning range of classic, vintage, reclining sport, and FIA motorsport seats which can be found alongside a range of racing harnesses, harness pads and sport seat fitting equipment including side mounts and sliding rails.

Our OMP Seat Range...

OMP Motorsport competition seats are known world wide, OMP offers a complete line of seats engineered to meet the needs of competition: from the twisty roads of the World Rally Championship, to the GT Championships held on racing circuits worldwide, to the extreme test of endurance of the Dakar.

OMP classic, vintage, and historic bucket seats, each one named after a world-famous British race track. These vintage seats are manufactured using the latest seat materials whilst maintaining that period cockpit look.

Our OMP Harness Range...

OMP harnesses and harness belt systems. OMP produce harnesses 4 and 6 point harnesses which are available in a range of styles and colours. Each OMP harness is available in either black, blue or red webbing and all come with the OMP logo on the shoulder straps.

OMP harnesses start with an ECE approved 4 point road harness which is a great entry level product

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